Do something for planet sustainability 

as well as for your family's future

Plant your "spare" money once here 

and harvest for generations to come!

Your Membership To Sustainable ecological Farming

Your future participation in farming 

Acquire one or more Membership Units, thus Planting any "really spare" money in Sustainable Agriculture.  It not only helps the planet, you reap the benefits long before you retire.

A farming organisation working for you

Current planning foresees the initial (Tier 1) Membership units being used in Australian East Coast wheat & canola farming, with Tier 2 Membership units being used on a parallel operation on the West Coast. 

The "golden" opportunity

A very long term and sensible option. The membership unit(s) are part of your estate - they can thus, later on, be used as presents or even be inherited as part of your estate, while in most cases remaining non-taxable. 

About Us


Our Vision

Your membership unit(s) provide a loan of working capital which participates in the returns from the agricultural land through its ecologically stable cultivation with professional management.

Our focus is on Succession, Efficiency, Continuity, Transparency and Optimisation of focused and ecologically sound agriculture with profit sharing from the 3rd year on, for you to provide for those future little "extra's".

Early subscribers money will be placed on the Australian spot market which at present can bring up to 1.5% p.a. until there is enough capital to commence purchasing farms.


Mid-term returns 

Agricultural returns are of course by no means guaranteed - but by spreading the risks through a chain of farms in different adjacent microclimates with staggered cropping, we optimise costs, reduce risks and enhance the agricultural potential, especially as agricultural surfaces diminish, demand grows and land prices increase.

Consider your one time membership unit(s) as equivalent to an ongoing (though variable) pension plan that you can pass on to future generations.  It's part of your estate.


Succession planning

Few farmers have this planned and young farmers can rarely afford a farm if it is not inherited - together we bridge the two, and the concept also allows for farm aggregation where needed, as the minimum size for economic units increases.

This is really only for those of you with a chunk to spare and for your "park and forget" very long term returns.

It is also something for your future generations - a one off membership unit now, when it doesn't hurt, with ongoing profit sharing from the 3rd year on, weather and conditions permitting.

About Us

Your nestegg


Should be allowed to flourish in responsible ecological farming that uses, wherever possible, only natural pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

We are not "Greener than Green"  but we firmly believe in doing everything possible to avoid using chemicals and to protect the environment.

Our concept


Is based on a proven, century old, working example - set up by Dutch farmers in Canada.

This concept should not only provide returns for members, but also ensure that sustainable, ecological and responsible agriculture continues to be nurtured.

No time to be lost


Add your name to our subscription list below to ensure that you are contacted immediately when we can officially start operations.  There is no risk, you have not agreed to anything, you have only reserved your place in the queue.

Subscriptions in Tier 1 will be limited to 10'000 units, as will further Tiers- but we can't start until we have around half of those units placed.  

subscription list

Contact Us

Join the 'no risk', 1st come, 1st serve, queue - you can always opt out later.

This Project is currently still "very complex work in progress" that can only "go live" when we have the correct market channels set up to best optimise and protect your membership.

But you have the possibility to join the queue NOW and be in from the start, just sign up by adding e-mail to the subscription list above.

By signing up you are not committed to anything - this just permits us to mail you when we have all the channels set up and ensures that you are at the front of the queue.

AgriFund - Tier 1

Still have questions or suggestions - drop us an e-mail info@agrifund.eu

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